Dry Cleaners

  • 2022 Pennsylvania Dry Cleaner Compliance Calendars
The dry cleaning industry is one industrial sector that is regulated by Pennsylvania DEP and EPA due to issues of air emissions, hazardous waste, and wastewater.  Each dry cleaner may have different requirements or regulations dependent on whether the dry cleaning equipment uses perchloroethylene (PCE or "perc") or non-chlorinated, hydrocarbon-based petroleum solvents.

Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaners

In 1993, EPA issued national regulations to control air emissions of perc from dry cleaners. Pennsylvania adopted the federal regulation as their own.
On July 27, 2006, EPA published new regulations for perc dry cleaners revising the 1993 rule. The 2006 rule requires additional emission controls for new dry cleaners that installed new or used dry cleaning machines after December 21, 2005.  The new rule also created special requirements for dry cleaning shops located in buildings containing residences as well as co-residential properties.
The Pennsylvania DEP has put together a Dry Cleaner Compliance Calendar to help Pennsylvania dry cleaning businesses track all monthly perc purchases, weekly equipment inspections, repairs to machines, and logs for refrigerated condenser monitoring as well as secondary carbon adsorber monitoring.
To request a paper copy of the compliance calendar, please contact EMAP at (877) ASK-EMAP.

Petroleum Dry Cleaners

EPA developed New Source Performance Standards for petroleum dry cleaning facilities.
In Pennsylvania, DEP developed a general permit, or GP-6, for petroleum dry cleaners which can be found here.  DEP also compiled a Fact Sheet for petroleum dry cleaners.