Environmental Reports due March 1st 2021

Environmental Reports due March 1st 2021

Jan 25, 2021

March 1st is an important deadline for some small businesses that may be subject to Air Quality Emissions Inventory or Residual Waste Biennial Reporting

The Annual Emission Statement (AES) report is required by the Pennsylvania DEP Bureau of Air Quality to report on point sources meeting certain thresholds for large emitters of air pollution.  Facilities inventoried for emission statement purposes may include Non-Title V facilities, or smaller "area sources" of air emissions. Regional DEP air quality staff will often determine and notify which facilities are required to report on their air emissions. More often than not, this requirement will be listed in a facility's State-Only Operating Permit. 

There are some emission reporting exemptions for small stationary sources. If you are a small business and question whether or not you are subject to air quality emissions reporting, please contact one of our EMAP environmental consultants for further assistance. 

The Residual Waste Biennial Report is due by March 1, 2021 and is required of any Pennsylvania generator of more than 13 tons of residual waste in calendar year 2020.  Reports may be submitted via DEP's GreenPort.
Generally speaking, residual waste is often considered any waste type that is not defined as hazardous waste or municipal waste.  To help answer some common questions about Pennsylvania's residual waste requirements including the biennial report, please see the EMAP Residual Waste brochure.