The most fundamental solution to all of our society’s energy issues—from the rising price of energy to climate change to our dependence on foreign oil—is to use less energy. It has been suggested that simply improving energy efficiency can meet more of our state’s energy needs than all new sources of energy combined. 

Take advantage of the incentives currently being offered including grants, rebates and tax credits. This is a great time to evaluate and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at your business.

Improving efficiency can also save most businesses an average of 25% on energy costs while streamlining operations, improving the work environment—even improving public relations! (Visit our Why go green? page for more benefits of energy efficiency.)

Strategies to improve your energy efficiency fall into a few basic categories:

  • Improve materials and equipment, such as high-efficiency lighting, updated HVAC, ENERGY STAR-rated office equipment, etc.
  • Eliminate energy waste through building improvements, better insulation, and repairs
  • Reduce usage through common sense by turning off lights and equipment, removing unnecessary lights and appliances, closing windows, etc.

Renewable energy, such as solar, geothermal (ground-source heat pumps) or wind, can also provide your business with energy that is clean and, over the long term, inexpensive.

  • Energy assessment: hot water pipes