EPA recently finalized the National Emission Standards for Hazard Air Pollutants: Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Boilers Area Source Regulations.  Click Here for the latest information on EPA's Boiler homepage.

 View the postcard EMAP sent to many small businesses in Pennsylvania.

Does the Rule Apply to Your Boiler? 

Things to Consider:

Boiler Type - The rule applies to oil, coal and other fuel, and biomass, but NOT to gas-fired boilers.

Obligation - Requirements vary depending on the size of your boiler and whether it is existing or new.  Boilers greater than or equal to 10,000,000 BTU/hr are classified as LARGE boilers, less than 10,000,000 BTU/hr are classifed as SMALL boilers.

Initial Notification - For existing boilers of any size (that are NOT natural gas-fired), you must submit an initial notification form to EPA by September 17, 2011. 

Limits - Emission limits only apply to existing LARGE boilers fired by coal and biomass and new coal-fired boilers. 

Energy Assessments - are only required one-time for LARGE coal and biomass fired boilers.

Recordkeeping should be kept on-site to demonstrate you are up-to-date with any applicable requirements such as tune-ups and the fuel used by the boiler.


EPA Information:

The Combustion Portal website provides federal and state compliance information and sustainability content for various combustion processes that are impacted by federal and state regulations.

Electronic Reporting:

EPA has released two videos to help explain electronic reporting for sources complying with the area source boiler rule: